Top 5 Labor Day Golf Activities


To Do List...Golf Style!

Play 18 with your buddies: Is there anything better? I think not. Spending time outdoors, getting in four-plus hours of golf course humor, making ridiculous, frivolous bets with your pals and enjoying a few beers along the way. Nevermind your score. Just soak up all the beautiful elements golf has to offer during a leisurely round of 18 holes with friends – or even strangers for that matter.

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'You talkin' 'bout practice?': There, I said it. The word I have spent a lifetime trying to avoid when it comes to golf – practice. But let me explain further – the p-word really isn't what we are going for here. Rather, if you don't have time to play 18 don't be afraid to head out to a local driving range to hit a few balls. More importantly, spend a good while on the putting green. Brings some tunes, your favorite adult beverage, perhaps a cigar and enjoy rolling the rock all by your lonesome. You'll thank me later.

Things to do on Labor Day Weekend

Read a golf book: Reading is fundamental. Especially when you're reading about improving your own fundamentals. And with the likes of Harvey Penick or Tiger Woods explaining the game to you, how can it not be quality with you and the sport you love. There's something special about golf literature, whether it's instructional, historical or fictional. Go inside the mind of Ben Hogan in his Five Lessons or pick up Tom Fazio's coffee table classic on design. Of course, you can't go wrong when you cozy up with a Dan Jenkins or George Plimpton golf novel.

Golf books to read

Go to a golf store: I'm not even a big fan of all the new-fangled equipment and technology, but somehow I can still spend a half a day in a golf store. Like a kid in a candy store, everything catches my eye and it's hard to focus with all the glorious toys begging me to take them home. And there's nothing I won't check out: clubs, clothes and gadgets I never knew I needed. Oh, and you can always find another funny golf gag gift for your next outing.

Things to do on Labor Day Weekend

Watch golf on TV: Yep, every year the Deutsche Bank Championship doesn't play the first round until Friday thus leading to the rare ocassion where a Monday finish is a good thing. And good thing you have the day off as you can sit back and enjoy Tiger go head-to-head with Lefty and Co. in the Playoffs. And then be sure to check out guys like Rich Lerner and Frank Nobilo break down all the action before and after each day's telecast. Not-so-subtle shameless plug!

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