Are We Having Fun Yet


What, the Europeans invented the good time? Are we that high strung?
Its just about having fun, explained Norways Suzanne Pettersen, who knows how to cut loose, having unwittingly dropped an F-bomb in an NBC interview at the 2002 Solheim Cup in Minnesota.
We have a good laugh, said Laura Davies when asked if the Americans were more uptight. Ive never been in an American team room, so I dont know.
This drab American thread persists. Europeans work fewer hours, smoke more cigarettes and drink more wine. And they win more Cups -- Ryder and Solheim.
Without fail, the Yanks try to convince the press that at heart theyre Belushi in 'Animal House.'
We have a great time, countered Natalie Gulbis. On the motor home down, everyone was dancing and telling jokes and plenty of things that need to stay in the motor home.
Our team chemistry is unbelievable, said Paula Creamer.
Wendy Ward confided that Juli Inkster, with seven majors to go with two kids, is the sarcastic teaser.
Christina Kims perky at all hours, she added.
Meg Mallons the team disc jockey.
The younger players were like, 'Hmmmm,' said Beth Daniel, at 48 the oldest player ever in the Solheim Cup.
When Mallon busted off some hip-hop -- with bad words, according to Ward -- the kids went crazy.
Then Missy Elliott was on VH1 in the locker room, and everyone was groovin, Daniel added.
Christina Kims got the best moves.
Theyre attempting to bridge a Grand Canyon-size generation gap with rap music.
Let the Europeans have their fun. The Americans have found the funk.
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