A Bellyful of Meatloaf


The meat loaf in the East Lake media center is so tender that it really is hard to get a whole square out of the pan without it breaking apart. The brown gravys just the right thickness, not pasty, though the mash potatoes rightly take a second shake of the big spoon before plopping on the plate.
Mark Calcavecchias a meat loaf and mashed guy, the kind whod splatter gravy on his shirt and not give a hoot. Hed belch when he was done and then go bowling. Hed roll a 203 while drinking a six pack.
Hed make you spit up your beer because hed be cracking jokes about his weight, saying things like, Tiger could run from here to downtown. I couldnt run out of a burning house.
Hes Belushi not Bond. Hes Buffalo not Broadway.
So, whore you rooting for on football Sunday? The guy who looks like he could suit up for the Broncos, or the one whod be asleep on the couch in the third quarter with an empty bag of Doritos on the floor?
Tiger eats skinless chicken with raw broccoli after a navy seal workout.
Had your fill of chicken lately? Go old school and try the meat loaf.
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