Flying Above the Crowd


Theres no greater pressure than holding up the line on board a plane as you try to get your bag in the overhead. People have zero sympathy and you know theyre thinking, Look at this idiot.
On the subject of pressure, is it possible that its been reduced at the majors for the games superstars now that the public knows that 150, 250 or 350 in the world can legitimately win as well?
Im trying to get settled on the plane, drift into sleep, but every 30 seconds someones on the intercom. First its the captain with a full weather report, then the flight attendant with a headset sale, then the captains back with an altitude update, then they wheel in the drink cart and if youre in an aisle seat its like a WMD'broken kneecap in 22C, severed pinky toe in 25A.
On the subject of larger weapons, Vijays move away from the big putter is an acknowledgement that you dont win majors with broomsticks, you win them with the feel and touch and nerve and trust that flow through a well stroked conventional putter.
I know airlines are struggling financially but how much could they possibly save by cutting the number of pretzels in a bag from 11 to eight?
On the subject of finances, some have argued that the huge purses have made some players lazy. Im not sure I buy that. Huge money always brings more card sharks to the table. The deeper the dollar pit, the deeper the talent pool, and thus the harder you have to work to stay on top.
My wife offered to share her pretzels. I told her, No thanks, Im full. I ate a whole bag.
On the subject of sharing, doesnt the old idea of the PGA of America not sharing massive Ryder Cup revenues with the players seem preposterous in retrospect? And remember, the players dont pocket the money but rather donate to a favorite charity.
Ever get peeved at the guy in front of you when he puts his seat back? At the same time, the guy next to me begins to breathe very heavily and yet as I watch his belly expand and deflate, expand and deflate, expand and deflate it has a hypnotic effect. So, even with 21A pressed against my sternum, heavy breathing to my left and a broken kneecap, Im finally starting to relax.
On the subject of relaxing, Tiger finally seems to be reaching a more consistent comfort level with his swing changes, like them or not. One reader astutely pointed out that the difference between Tiger today and Tiger three years ago is certainty. Back then Tiger approached every single shot with an air of utter certainty about what he was doing. You dont sense that now, or maybe, not yet.
With the captain of the plane its all in the delivery. Doesnt matter how aggravating the news might be, you somehow feel good about it just because he always gives it to you in such a folksy and calm and re-assuring manner, usually with just a tinge of southern drawl. Folks, were currently 57th in line for takeoff, shouldnt be too long, maybe a couple hours but in the meantime we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy a bag of pretzels.
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