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135th Open Championship The138th Open Championship's second-round bout resurrected an old fighter in a T.W. , and left another T.W. on the canvas, down for the count.
  • Whats the more shocking story, Tiger missing the cut or Tom leading the Open Championship? For me, its Tom on top after 36 holes. As well as Tiger appeared to be playing coming in, he was bound to ' somewhere, someday ' miss another cut at a major. A 59-year-old chasing the Jug was unfathomable coming in. Unfathomable.
  • Steve Marinos nothing like so many of his 20something peers ' absorbed in swing technique. Not unlike Watson, who triggers the swing with an old-fashioned waggle, Marino starts with what he calls a shimmy, a little movement of his hips.
  • The difference between the Norman run and Watsons bid is emotion, at least at this point. A Shark win would have been redemption for all the crushing major defeats, the rarest of later in life chances to dynamite a legacy without doing something unsavory like Rose or Clemens. A Watson win would be a startling reminder of who Watson was as a golfer, the man who beat Jack so many times between 77 and 83. But he doesnt need it the way you felt Greg did.
  • Marinos not unlike another older contender, Mark Calcavecchia. Like Calc, Marinos more likely to be pub hopping the pumping iron.
  • Tiger making a cut is as automatic as turning your car in the morning. You dont give it a second thought.
  • As feel-good moments go, Watsons putt at 18 was Hallmark Hall-of-Fame-worthy. And it tingled right through the walk off the green, his arm around the 16-year-old Italian Matteo Manassero.
  • Tiger blowing tee balls into the junk? That weve seen. But watching a chip come back to him at 13? Now, thats a head-scratcher to top all head-scratchers.
  • Admit it, you thought Watson was done after the four straight bogies on the front.
  • Watson shooting 65-70 at Turnberry is like, what? Bird coming back to the Garden at 45 to score 35? Pete Sampras showing up to beat Roger Federer at Wimbeldon?
  • Italian golf is on the rise with Manassero winning the British Amateur and Eduardo Molinari the U.S. Amateur a few years ago.
  • Watson was born in 1949. For context, other athletes born in 1949 include Mike Schmidt, Bill Buckner, Dusty Baker, hockey great Bobby Clarke, Joe Theisman, Ahmad Rashad and Dan Dierdorf. Imagine for a moment those guys still playing. And winning!
  • People figured Watson would show up at Turnberry, reminisce about the Duel in the Sun 32 years ago, play a couple rounds and then repair to the broadcast booth with ABC, which he was scheduled to do. No one figured hed be the centerpiece of the broadcast on a weekend that would not include Tiger Woods. Crazy game, isnt it?
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