Hooks Cuts Golfs Winding Trail


  • My two sons just started playing, and when I watch them hit a grounder or whiff or lose another ball and hang their heads, I wonder how in the world theyll stay with such an impossible game?
  • When I watch them belt a ball further than they ever have and then run full steam after it so they can hit again, I have my answer.
  • Theres only one man who truly believes he can handle Tiger and his name is Vijay Singh.
  • Tigers not just a golfer but a performer with Broadway caliber stage instincts. His eagle from the water on Saturday at The Buick and then birdie at 17 on Sunday produced two classic, freeze frame reactions. I cant remember an athlete who so consistently gave fans their moneys worth, win or lose.
  • Player of the Year is not even close. Vijay needs to win The PGA Championship and then three more on top of that to have a shot against a guy whos gone one, two and one in the first three majors of the season.
  • Does anyone really still think Michelle Wie would be better off winning junior tournaments rather than collecting top fives at womens majors?
  • Forget that Wies not an official LPGA member. She should be a no-brainer for the American Solheim Cup team. Most importantly, shes one of the 12 best U.S. players. Secondly, shed help to generate maybe the most critical element in any international team competition, home field energy. And finally, shed pump up television interest at a time when womens golf is on the cusp of capitalizing on something its sorely lacked'momentum. Would you like to see her in red, white and blue? Seriously, Michelle Redman or Michelle Wie?
  • Wie in The Solheim Cup is pure fantasy. It wont happen because exceptions wont be made for non-members of the LPGA. Too bad.
  • Didnt you think Phil Mickelson would have won a second major by now? Hitting fewer fairways and fewer greens than in 2004, hes finished 10th, 33rd and 60th at the first three majors of this year.
  • Ernie Els hurting his knee sailing does little to foster the idea that golfers really are athletes.
  • The Presidents Cup is a nice event, but have you heard any riveting discussions lately about the top 10 in the point standings?
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