Hooks Cuts Golfs Winding Trail


  • People wonder why Annika fails to garner buzz for winning five straight. The LPGAs three-month disappearance at the start of the year doesnt help. Shed have to win seven or eight in a row before the national media jumps on board with any real enthusiasm.
  • This network hit a homerun with Big Break III. Pamela Anderson in soft spikes hitting 260-yard drives seems to generate buzz.
  • The rank and file on the LPGA might not like to hear it, but the best thing that could happen to their tour is Natalie Gulbis winning five in a row. Truth is - sad as it might be - that the sports television universe is inhabited by Neanderthal men.
  • Tigers slaughtering his tee ball again, 30 to 40 yards by everyone else. That sense of awe that was there five years ago is starting to return, and if he can put it in the fairway with any regularity - and hell have to at Pinehurst - then hell win at least a half dozen times this year.
  • Vijays been shaky from 4 feet in the fourth quarter this season. Rest assured hell have hit, oh, maybe 10,000 or so on the practice green between now and The U.S. Open.
  • Some have asked if Ernies developing a false sense of confidence by winning on The European Tour. Last I checked Europes destroyed the U.S. in that little get together we call The Ryder Cup, and with so much talent worldwide, a win is a win is a win. Id be surprised if he didnt contend at Pinehurst.
  • Anyone seen Se Ri Pak lately? Saw where she posted an 83 in Tennessee and there are some rumblings that shes completely lost. She used to be such a rock. This game will torment even the most stolid among us.
  • Tied in knots by thoughts of swing plane and spine angle, Id repair to a gruff old pro in my hometown whose only advice, delivered while smoking an unfiltered camel, was, Hit the *%#*#@ ball! Amazing how often that worked.
  • Went bowling with my kids and for the life of me I cant figure out how to draw it. I play a hard cut, what they call a Jersey ball, and keep leaving one pin hanging. Still, I was pretty happy with 134 and 135 in consecutive games.
  • Jim Thorpes secured his spot in the Big Fella Upstairs Pro-Am with his donation of almost a quarter million dollars to his church in Lake Mary, Fla. Whats so beautiful about Thorpie is that he just doesnt fit into the typical professional package. The son of a North Carolina greenskeeper, hes from a family of nine. A successful black man in a white mans sport, he owns one of the funkiest swings in the game and is hilariously foul mouthed. He enjoys gambling. And hes a man of God.
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