Hooks Cuts - From JB to Tiger


  • Not since Prince became The Artist Formerly Known as Prince has a public figure engineered such an effective name change. J.B. Holmes used to be John Holmes, but for obvious reasons, needed to cut off that snickering train before it left the station. With one whopping win, he IS J.B. Holmes, or whatever hed like to be called.
  • Next to J.D., we now have J.B. If those two get paired, thats McGwire and Canseco, sans the juice.
  • The kids landed on the scene like a hard right from a young Mike Tyson, but can we wait just a bit before we pronounce him a Masters contender?
  • How soon until were pushing the 8,000 yard golf course envelope?
  • Michelle Wie wants an extra exemption. At the risk of taking heat from the Wie haters wholl argue shes not entitled to special treatment, Id give it to her. Shes a tournament draw, a television draw and a proven talent.
  • Does anyone hit fairways anymore? Does it matter?
  • Tiger hit it sideways so often in Dubai I thought hed create an international incident. But its not a stretch to say that he gets it in the cup better than anyone ever has.
  • President Bush says were addicted to oil. What he didnt mention was that some of our most famous golfers are addicted to the appearance fees that the hyper wealthy oil kingdoms can afford to pay.
  • Two global brands in one television shot'Tiger teeing off just in front of a CNN banner.
  • Bob Estes was quoted in Golfweek as saying that Pebble is a must skip. I related that to a well-regarded amateur competitor who plays the AT&T and he said that if pros would stop to think about it, the business leaders who turn the event into six-hour rounds are in large part responsible for those monster purses they play for all year long. Twice in a long season it wouldnt hurt to mingle with those types to say thanks.
  • Minus the Randle El pass to Hines Ward, this was a forgettable Super Bowl, dont you think?
  • Its the one time I watch football with my wife, though Im thinking of bringing her into the pigskin huddle more often. After seeing Troy Palamalus bodacious locks, she said, My hair does that all the time.
  • With Bubba and J.B. stirring the kettle with a big ole stick, 2006 so far looks like the year of the good ole boy.
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