Hooks Cuts Post Valhalla


  • If Boo Weekly has a pulse and can walk, he HAS to be in the next Ryder Cup doesnt he?
  • Laughters as important as birdies, and Boo delivered in both departments.
  • Whats your lasting image from Valhalla? Is it Anthony Kim holding the American flag after the victory, or Boo riding the donkey down the first fairway on Sunday? Or is it something else?
  • Kenny Perry hugging his father ' pure Kentucky with his denim overalls ' put a lump in the throat, didnt it?
  • Nick Faldos getting blasted, which is what happens to the losing captain when his stars dont win a match.
  • For pure electricity, Steve Stricker topping Sergio Garcia on Saturday, after Sergio had cut loose with that primal scream, was the best sequence of the weekend.
  • Hunter Mahans reaction Sunday at 17 was very Tiger-like, and Id love to see more of that from him in regular tournaments.
  • Think of how your view of various players changes because of the Ryder Cup. Boo Weekleys one of the greatest characters the games ever seen; Kims a rock star who will be winning majors soon; Mahans tough as nails; J.B. Holmes is unreal; Ian Poulters clutch; and Robert Karlssons better than we even knew.
  • I dont have a problem with Paul Azinger retaining his captaincy.
  • Setting up the golf course to yield birdies was critical. It allowed the home team to juice up the huge galleries and it made for a wildly entertaining fan experience. This was a high volume rock concert with one fist-pumping, crowd erupting, get-in-the-hole-get-in-the-hole, scream-at-the-top-your-lungs birdie after the next.
  • This Cup allowed golf to show the world its not elitist, with deep fried, down home originals like Boo and Kenny and J.B., with the kind of emotion and player reaction usually reserved for sports like hockey, and crowds that behaved like it was Florida against Georgia.
  • Zinger and the boys hanging out with the grounds crew deep into the night leading the cheers of We got the Cup is a scene I wont soon forget.
  • Kim taking apart Sergio was the equivalent of a first inning grand slam in a World Series Game 7. Valhalla was shaking.
  • European fans are hilarious and bring color and spirit to the Cup. My brother lives in Louisville and was at a downtown restaurant. A group of Euro revelers broke out in Ole, Ole, Ole only to be matched by some Americans responding with U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A. My brother asked the waiter to see if the Europeans would mind singing happy birthday to his wife. Before he knew it, theyd gathered around the table and serenaded my sister-in-law!
  • Padraig Harrington seemed a bit spent off his double major summer. Sergio, but for that one roar, was at last silenced.
  • Zinger tossing USA lapel pins like confetti on Tuesday to the crowds lingers in my mind. Show us some love this week, he shouted. A torrid affair it was.
  • Raymond Floyd chest bumping Kim brings a smile. At last a new generation of buck-up boys a bit like the old ones.
  • 2004 captain Hal Sutton, at Valhalla for the past captains get-together, told me on Friday the reason he liked this team is because they were individuals. I balked, thinking that goes against the idea that they needed to come together as a team. He explained that they had strong personalities and that guys like Boo and J.B. had one-of-a-kind swings which were evidence that they believed strongly in themselves.
  • I told 1995 captain Lanny Wadkins that Butch Harmon said Kim reminded him of a young Lanny. Lanny said with a smile, I like that.
  • Butch was spot on early in the week when he told me he loved this U.S. team, because the young guys brought no baggage and no scars from past Ryder Cup losses. He said they were hungry.
  • Itd be nice if the next captain invited Larry Nelson to help out.
  • This was a significant moment for American golf, which had been dominated for the last decade by Tiger, with Phil having had a brief period in the spotlight. Its now about something more.
  • What a year for American golf, too, with Tiger at Torrey and Zingers ringers at Valhalla.
  • All the emotion that poured out over three days is an ingredient thats missed week-to-week on Tour. Wouldnt you love to see more of what we saw from Mahan, Boo, Stricker, Justin Leonard, Poulter and Graeme McDowell?
  • If youve never been to a Ryder Cup, make it a point. Theres nothing in golf that remotely looks, sounds or feels like it.
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