Hooks Cuts from Torrey Pines


SAN DIEGO – Hooks and Cuts consisting of layups, dust-ups and give-ups.
  • I hope John Daly plays well, but with 45 missed cuts including 14 WDs in his last 70 starts over four years, he reminds me of Mike Tyson. He’s a beat up fighter who has taken one too many punches, whose legs won’t move, whose fists won’t fire. Talent doesn’t go along for the kind of ride Daly’s been on and wake up refreshed on a Thursday morning. Talent dies young when it’s neglected.
  • From Bubba Watson and Tim Clark at the Bob Hope to Michael Sim at Torrey, the Tour’s suddenly gone basketball old school. The layup is back in vogue.

  • Scott McCarron was wrong to say Phil Mickelson is cheating by using the old Ping wedge, because technically it’s not cheating. But I like Lee Westwood’s position. Europe’s No. 1 is a long time Ping guy who says he could easily skirt the new rule because he has thousands of Ping wedges, but he chooses not to.

  • Robert Allenby is going to win this year, isn’t he?

  • I get that guys these days are really good from 85 yards, but the layup is really bad theater.  On the other hand, the final-hole-down-by-one-go-for-it-in-two long ball is one of the game’s most dramatic moments. Can he get there? Yes he can. What’s the carry? 225. Where’s the trouble? Staring him right in the face, water front. What’s he hitting? Five-wood. Silence. Hold your breath. Ball airborne. Wet or dry? Win or lose?

  • There are times in life when even if something is legal it just may not be the right thing to do.

  • Watson laying up when he could’ve reached with 3-iron at 14 at the Hope on the final day, making par and ultimately losing by one is like Babe Ruth sacrifice bunting and the Yankees not being able to push the run across.

  • Ernie Els will win soon. He’s putting better and he’s not as road weary since he is not traveling the Middle East for the first time in 15 years. He promised daughter Samantha he’d be home more.

  • Just when the Tour needed some go-for-broke heroes, we get the safety first brigade.

  • Speaking of heroes, I was watching Peyton Manning and Drew Brees in an interview and Chris Berman asked Manning what he likes about Brees. Manning said he likes that Brees takes chances, that he goes for it.

  • With 37 wins, Phil Mickelson certainly knows what he’s doing, but still times have changed.  Can you imagine Jack Nicklaus flying Jack Grout in for a lesson before the final round of a tournament he’s in position to win?

  • David Feherty delivered a good line after Sim’s chip shot on 18 came up short. “He layed up three times on this hole,” Feherty said.

  • It feels like the worst is over for Tiger Woods. If in fact he’s in sex rehab the story now moves in the direction of getting well, not getting caught. But it’s doubtful that the digging into his past is done.

  • Would you watch the first two Hawaii events in primetime if they ran from Tuesday through Friday instead of Thursday through Sunday? I would. Why go up against the NFL Playoffs and get your brains beat in on a January weekend? It’s time for the Tour to think far outside the box.

  • While we’re at it, is it time for the Bob Hope to go from five to four rounds and bring in Freddy Couples and, say, Kevin Costner or Matt Damon as co-hosts?

  • Putting Laker legend Jerry West in charge at the Northern Trust looks like a good move. One of the greatest pure shooters in history later became one of the best franchise builders. And even the Pau Gasol deal he appeared to gift wrap to his beloved Lakers while he was running the Memphis Grizzlies has turned out to be pretty good for a suddenly on-the-rise Memphis club.

  • Unless you live in Indy, it's hard to root against New Orleans in this Super Bowl, isn’t it?