Hooks Cuts Wie to Woods to Daly


  • One LPGA multiple major champion, discussing Michelle Wie, recalled that nearly every freakishly talented junior player against whom she competed years ago flamed out before making it as a pro. Her point was that greatness at 14 doesnt guarantee greatness at 24.
  • John Daly, in an interview airing this coming Tuesday at 9 p.m. (ET) on GOLF CHANNEL, alluded to a need for true love in his life. His good buddy, musician Johnny Lee, once wrote a song that provides the perfect soundtrack to Long Johns long road of broken marriages. No doubt youve heard, Lookin for love in all the wrong places.
  • Tiger has a chance to beat Jacks major record and daughter Sam Alexis, youd have to assume, has a chance to be among the most beautiful people on the planet as she opens up to the world.
  • An LPGA Hall of Fame member wondered what happened to Michelles long and flowing and rhythmic swing. The move, she noticed, is more programmed, position oriented and quicker. She used to dominate with her driver. Now she cant hit it.
  • Tiger and Elins blessed moment had me remembering my sweet-as-could-be, level-headed, beautiful wife morphing into Damien from the Omen when she went into labor with our first some 14 years ago. Are you gonna just sit there and read Sports Illustrated or get up off your #@%* rear-end and help?!
  • One LPGA official shared that Michelles parents on more than one occasion demanded special treatment at the McDonalds LPGA Championship - access to forbidden domains like the driving range and the players dining area.
  • Tiger now has three wonderful women in his life - Tida, Elin and Sam. And based on the comments Ive heard, as well as the big television ratings for the U.S. Open, he has many female admirers from afar. I listened to more than one woman rave about his physique in the tight red Sunday shirt. I responded by pointing out that sure he works out but he got beat by a Marlboro smoking casino bouncer named Angel Cabrera. To which they said, Whos Angel Cabrera?
  • The aforementioned LPGA Hall of Fame great without hesitation said Michelles a good kid whos being handled poorly. Theres little that makes much sense. Shes injured and pulling out of the John Deere, yet continues to play and embarrass herself. Is she competing to satisfy her sponsors? She turns professional, yet plans to go to Stanford in the fall. Wont it be difficult to excel at both college and golf at the same time? This is a bright, talented young person who can do a great deal to help womens golf. Hopefully, shell find her game, find her way and find herself. Teenage years, you might remember, can be confusing.
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