Its Time to Play


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Tiger Woods did well on Monday, as long as he’s telling the truth about drug use. He launched into a detailed explanation that touched half the letters of the alphabet from PRP to ACL to PED that either satisfied or confused you.

  • Tiger fatigue has set in. People are ready to watch golf, not talk golf. Watch golf. Enough talking.
  • Walking off the first green Fred Couples put his arm around Tiger’s shoulder. A longtime cameraman cracked, “It ranks right up there with Pee Wee Reese putting his arm around Jackie Robinson. Alright, maybe not.”
  • Playing with Freddie was a good move. People love Freddie, and if Freddie’s cool with Tiger, then everyone else should be, too.
  • I talked to 30 patrons today and all but two said they’re pulling for Tiger. Fuzzy Zoeller, ironically enough, put it best when he said, “He’s with family here at Augusta.”
  • I walked up to the new tournament range this afternoon and to my surprise saw there were other players in the field this week.
  • Barring an unforeseen bombshell, it feels like it’s over. The Tiger saga that is.
  • Tiger was certainly prepared for the Ambien inquiry. Asked if he’d been on the drug the night of the accident he said simply, “The police investigated and cited me for $166. Case closed.”
  • Tiger revealed that wife Elin will not be at the Masters this week. Will we ever see her at a tournament again?
  • Tiger began by apologizing to his peers for what they endured the last few months answering so many questions about him. That felt right.
  • Patrons were lined up at 5 a.m. outside the gates. They opened a bit before 8.
  • Standing by the first fairway I heard a huge roar from Amen Corner. Other tournaments would love for their Sundays to feel like Masters Monday.
  • Here’s my prediction: Tiger will shave the goatee for Thursday’s opening round.