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Rich Lerner is at Royal Birkdale this week for the 137th Open Championship. Enjoy Rich's insight and perspective from the season's third major:
Open ChampionshipSOUTHPORT, England ' If youre a solid 10 handicap, you wouldnt have busted 130 Saturday at Birkdale. Thats why theres nothing like an Open.
You can ponder those propositions from the comfort of your living room, riveted to the kind of man versus nature battle that sets golf apart from so many other sports.
Tom Watson says simply make the wind your friend. Some friend! Graeme McDowell shot 80, Justin Rose 82 and David Duval 83.
It blew so hard, guys were starting shots 60, 70 and 80 yards right or left of target! One foot putts required total focus. And yet it didnt blow away the one story most were hoping would live for another day ' Greg Norman, the 53-year-old star crossed icon marries a tennis legend, an American sweetheart, and becomes the oldest man in history to win a major while on his honeymoon.
The Irish understandably would love their gutsy Paddy Harrington to win back-to-back, and hell be formidable alongside Norman with the crowds leaning in all likelihood in Harringtons favor.
The English would settle for anyone, even an unknown like Simon Wakefield, lifting the Jug in England for the first time in nearly 40 years.
Korea would make K.J. Choi a king.
The Tour would welcome Anthony Kim as the heir apparent, a new star to carry the torch while Tiger heals.
The pundits who called Ben Curtis a one hit wonder would eat their words if he were to become a two-time Open winner.
Yes there are other possibilities. But there is one man with one chance in a lifetime.
One man who could right all the wrongs.
One man who could bury every demon that ever taunted him at all those lost majors.
One man who could stand up Sunday evening and make you say that may be one of the greatest things that Ive ever seen in sports!
One man.
Greg Norman.
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