The Other Side of the Story


04 Ryder CupBLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- The time for talk is, well, not exactly over.
Sitting through almost two days worth of press conferences, I couldnt help but notice that there are desired angles reporters pursue, perhaps because theres a hint of controversy. Then theres the other side of the story, too seldom examined.

Desired angle: Phil Mickelson skipping Wednesdays practice round is exactly whats wrong with the Americans--too many individuals with their own agendas.
Other side of the story: Mickelsons a seasoned professional who understands what he needs to do to prepare; and, with a grueling weekend ahead in which hell likely play all five matches a days rest is a smart move.
Desired angle: Phil Mickelsons switch to Callaway just before the Ryder Cup puts him in a tough position in that if he plays poorly the critics will say it was an ill timed move and made only for the money.
Other side of the story: Its doubtful that Mickelson just recently picked up these clubs; also, after he failed to get a point at the 2003 Presidents Cup nobody blamed Titleist.
Desired angle: The Europeans are more cohesive, the group that hangs around the bar, sings songs deep into the night while the Americans are in bed by 10 but without spirit the next day.
Other side of the story: Ryder Cups are decided more so by how many eight foot putts are made than by how many 12 ounce beers each team pounds.
Desired angle: If Elin Nordegrens not by Tigers side this week, then something must be amiss.
Other side of the story: Elin was stunning alongside Tiger at the Wednesday night gala; In any event what happens in their private lives should be none of our business.
Desired angle: The Matches cant start soon enough.
Other side of the story: The matches dont start until Friday.
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