Pebble Beach Hooks Cuts


  • The NFLs all-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith sported pumpkin colored slacks on Sunday, which takes more guts than running head long into a Mike Singletary tackle.
  • Rush Limbaughs tendencies to lean to the right finally caught up with him. With a chance to make the amateur cut Saturday, he blew one O.B. on 18 at Pebble.
  • Michael Bolton makes a living with his voice, but admittedly had trouble gathering air as he played that famous final hole, so thick was the pressure. At 33 under, a net birdie wouldve earned him the title along with pro Tim Clark. Michael carded double for a net bogey while Clarke pulled his tee shot into the Pacific. Bolton quipped that hes immediately going to work on a sad song.
  • Word is that late Thursday after play had gone through, a couple was seen making love on the camera tower behind the 10th hole. Pebbles scenic, but that takes it to a new level. Only in California.
  • George Lopez had this to say on the pace of play during the celebrity shootout. In between James Woods and Samuel L. Jacksons shots I went to see Brokeback Mountain.
  • Donald Trumps a six handicap, prompting one pro to say that hell play the Donald at a six for the entire Monterey Peninsula, and real estates not cheap here.
  • Samuel L. Jacksons dream foursome: Charlie Sifford, Joe Louis and John Daly. Big cigars, big punches and big drives.
  • Kudos to Tiger on the opening of his learning center in Southern California. With former President Clinton and Californias first lady Maria Shriver on hand, Tiger looked very presidential in a blue pinstripe and royal blue tie.
  • Speaking of politics, Riviera is lobbying for the 2009 Presidents Cup.
  • Huey Lewis dream foursome: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston and Cindy Crawford. Big lips, bigyou know what, thats too much club, lets dial it back.
  • Arron Oberholser remembers coming with a friend to the 92 Open at Pebble as a kid and watching Greg Norman hit balls, thinking, I dont hit it like that. Im going to have to get better. Kids grow up. Dreams come true.
  • Normans knee may have to be scoped again. And what would have been a boon to the Tampa stop on the Champions Tour is now a bummer as the Shark likely will pull out. Gary McCord cracked that only the best bodies break down, while guys like Craig Stadler plod merrily along.

  • Young Stads can really play. As his Pop points out, when he gets a lead he can close. Dont forget he turned back local favorite Angel Cabrerra at the Argentine Open in December and has now won six times around the world.
  • Blizzard in the east, sun dappled oil painting at Pebble. This is why, Tiger or no Tiger, The AT&T remains a television winner.
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