The Playoffs Need Paul Goydos


The BarclaysJERSEY CITY, N.J. ' These PGA Tour Playoffs need Paul Goydos. Thats right, Paul Goydos.
Just as the NCAA Championship basketball tournament a few years ago needed George Mason to dance all the way to the Final Four, just as the Super Bowl needed the New York Giants to beat the New England Patriots, just as the movies needed My Big Fat Greek Wedding, golf needs the long shot to make a long run through Atlanta.
Its just more fun.
In the area of entertaining interviews and razor sharp quotes, Goydos trounces Tiger Woods, 5 and 4. His wit is martini dry, completely reliable for a press corps looking to loosen up their copy.
Let them bark about playoff injustice, about a guy who doesnt win a thing in the regular season, winning it all. Goydos is as close to an average guy as youll find in the land of handsome, 300-yard-driving millionaires.
Goydos looks like one of the guys in your foursome; though, looks can be deceptive. He trusts his swing, doesnt mind hitting first ' at 189th in driving distance he doesnt have a choice ' and he makes putts.
Now, hes no Mariano Rivera as a closer. And hes only won twice. But he sure is resilient.
Plenty figured his run at The Players two years ago was a feel good fluke. Instead, Goydos has since contended a few times and become a steady fixture.
The single father of two daughters began the year putting his personal life in order when his ex-wife died after a long battle with addiction.
Wouldnt it be nice if he could end it on a happy note?
Anyone who knows Goydos knows damn well that $10 million wont change him a lick. And he is a super long shot, without question.
But so were the Giants. So was Villanova.
These playoffs need Paul Goydos.
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