Questions Questions and More Questions


As usual I picked Tiger Woods to win the Open. As usual Im left with more questions than answers. Here are a few floating around the crowded confines of a cluttered mind:
  • Which has greater parity, The AFC Central or The PGA Tour?
  • Which was more exciting, the four-hole playoff or Todd Hamiltons drop on the 72nd?
  • Starting to appreciate what Jack Nicklaus did just a bit more?
  • How do you figure Mickelson and Els both shooting 68, and Hamilton winning?
  • Starting to appreciate Tigers run of eight majors won in 11 starts just a bit more?
  • Doesnt Hamilton look a bit like John Cook?
  • Think people now will look at John Cook and say, he looks like Todd Hamilton?
  • Think Ben Curtis will ever win again?
  • Wholl be first to win next, Hamilton or Shaun Micheel?
  • How many majors has Ernie now won in the shoulda, coulda world'five, six?
  • Anything wrong with birdies and eagles on Sunday of a major?
  • Seen many better pars than Ernies at 11?
  • Think Nick Faldo could give Johnny Miller a run in the announcers booth?
  • Is Monty a Hall of Famer even without a major?
  • Does Mickelson end up with two majors or six when all is said and done?
  • Does Tiger end up with 11 or 19?
  • Is golf better off with Tiger dominating?
  • Which do you like better, the four-hole playoff or sudden death?
  • Know anyone who likes the U.S. Opens Monday 18 hole affair?
  • Surprised that we saw Sign Boy more than Vijay this weekend?
  • Whats better than golf?
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