Subterfuge at Valhalla


Ryder CupLOUISVILLE, Ky. ' Secret photos of Nick Faldos pairings. Contentious exchanges with the captain in the press center.
Suddenly, the Ryder Cups turned into the Vladimir Putin Cup, with all this subterfuge surrounding the Friday morning matchups that are being guarded like state secrets.
The big news Wednesday in Louisville was that some of the European press claimed to have seen images of Faldos Friday morning foursomes pairings. Faldo, when pressed by the press, said it was nothing more than a sandwich list.
Youd never know Wall Street was hemorrhaging or that were at war on two fronts after two days sequestered at Valhalla with the golf media.
To borrow a phrase from the Democratic presidential candidate: Enough!
Today, it all felt over-cooked, over-blown, and really over very little. Somewhere Herb Wind cringed. Even if someone had snapped a picture and had the information, it would have been obtained without Faldos permission. Why go with it? How important is it, really?
My colleague, Kelly Tilghman, suggests that waiting on Ryder Cup pairings is like waiting to open your Christmas presents. Youre always curious to find out, but tradition says you get the most pleasure out of waiting to open them on Christmas Day.
Four days to let the media poke and dig and pry and preen is probably two too many.
Friday cant get here soon enough.
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