Tiger Professional Winner


Tiger Woods is not merely a professional golfer. Hes a professional tournament winner.
He looks at 15 foot putts the way youd like your doctor to look at your medical chart, the way youd like your stock broker to look at your portfolio, the way youd like your politicians to look at the difficult issues.
Hes lost somewhere, so deep in his own world. You couldnt find him with a GPS.
Hes the ultimate dynasty. He makes Bradshaws Steelers and Ruths Yankees and Jordans Bulls look like farm teams. And yet people pull for him as if he were Rocky Balboa, as if he never got a break.
He makes hundreds of millions of dollars, but spends everything he has when he competes. So we begrudge him nothing.
Hes predictable. He makes clutch a habit.
You brush your teeth before bed, shave in the morning and eat Cheerios for breakfast. He makes 15 footers that matter.
His opponents break par. He breaks their spirit.
And he breaks records. Every last one will be his barring injury because this is what he does.
This is who he is - Tiger Woods, professional tournament winner.

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