Stock watch: Buying Boo, selling PC


Each week on, we'll examine which players' stocks and trends are rising and falling in the world of golf.


Boo! Don’t be fooled by the Southern drawl and easygoing demeanor. Weekley is a ball-striking genius who desperately wants to win, if only so he can support his fishing and hunting habits. With his victory at Colonial, he now has enough tartan and plaid to rival Ian Poulter’s closet.

Matteo Manassero: Can someone please explain the reluctance in anointing this kid as a star? He’s 20 years old, with four European Tour titles on his resume, including a victory that is (somewhat) analogous to The Players. Stud.

Horses for courses: Play Colonial, leave town with a six-figure paycheck. That’s the way it seems to go each year for Zach Johnson, who since 2009 has gone 9th-1st-4th-1st-3rd at Hogan’s Alley.

The Spirit of Troy: The USC women’s golf team dismantled the field at last week’s NCAA Women’s Championship, sweeping the team (by 21 strokes) and individual titles and smashing the four-round NCAA scoring record by 15. LPGA, here they come.


European Tour: Not only do PGA Tour members represent 28 of the top 30 players in the world ranking, but now the chief executive is using an antiquated and offensive term to defend one of his most popular players who was embroiled in his own race row. Splendid week for the proper gents overseas.

Jeff Overton: The eight-year pro was disqualified from the Crowne Plaza for using an alignment aid during his round, then boldly groused about the infraction on Twitter: “Looks like I gotta go back and rememorize a couple hundred pages of the usga rules book!” Not quite. You won’t find a chapter on applying common sense.

Political correctness: You know it was an absurd week when … something Monty said actually seemed reasonable. Here, his thoughts on the Tiger-Sergio flap, which was inflamed by a racially insensitive remark: “We’re all frightened to say anything. We’re frightened to open our mouths in case we say something that isn’t kosher in 2013.” It’s little wonder so many athletes are tight-lipped.

Mother Nature: We now live in some bizarro world in which even a week in the Bahamas is not without a weather interruption.