Stock watch: Buying Park, selling long putters


Each week on, we’ll examine which players’ stocks and trends are rising and falling in the world of golf.


Inbee: Dominant. Unflappable. Robotic. Remarkable. Humble. Confident. Inbee Park, the 2013 Athlete of the Half-Year.

Kenny Perry: It won’t make up for the heartbreak of the 1996 PGA or the ’09 Masters, but the 52-year-old Kentuckian’s hard-fought victory at the Senior Players at least got him off the major schneid … OK, maybe not.

Long Island: Watching the coverage at lovely Sebonack reminded viewers, once again, that many of the country’s best courses reside east of the Big Apple.

The Opens: Anticipation was already sky-high for the men’s return to Muirfield, arguably the best track in the Open rota. And now, with history on the line, the LPGA’s second tour around the Old Course is poised to become the most-watched women’s major ever. Pass the fish and chips.


Long putters: Mercifully, this anchoring discussion will linger for only another 30 months. Good thing the magic wands will be on discount racks long before then.

AT&T National: It was a sleepy week in the nation’s capital, unless you didn’t mind the finish being on tape delay, the tournament host (and world No. 1) not swinging a club, the headliners fizzling and the rising star coming tantalizingly close but ultimately falling short.

Michael Bembenick: For reasons unknown to this scribe, we’re celebrating a club pro’s decision to gut out a 103 in a event, even though the 'honorable' thing would have been to WD and not distract his fellow playing competitors, who were actually on track to break 100. Even Jerry Rice and John Smoltz were embarrassed by this episode.

Decorum: Bickering with a caddie and then canning him mid-round? Flipping off a spectator? What’s next at Greenbrier – players settling gambling debts with a locker-room brawl?

“While We’re Young!”: It’s not immediately clear which was worse: The USGA spots being replayed ad nauseam during Women’s Open week, or the pace of play there checking in at 5 hours, 40 minutes. The latter is why these PSAs never inspire serious change in the game.