Ryann OToole Player Blog


Being eliminated from Big Break was difficult, especially since I knew I could win. However, there were more elements than just being strong and being a competitor. The 'Save/Send' card, in my opinion, changed the whole dynamic of the show. I feel this allowed the weaker players to stick around longer, and therefore, made it more difficult on the stronger players to survive.

However, I should not have missed the first green in the immunity challenge. I should have been able to chip more than four balls closer to the pin in the elimination challenge. In the end, I should have birdied that par-five over and over again. But once again, this is golf. This show is about handling your nerves and playing your best under pressure. I didn't play my best on Monday, and that's why I was sent home.

Can I sit here and still wonder that if Chris wasn't saved that day would it have been her? Sure I can, but that is part of the game. I believe the 'Save/Send' was meant to put pressure on the best players. It made them constantly grind. This show has only helped me grow in my abilities and in my confidence. I have learned a great deal from participating in Big Break. Already the experience provided a great help in getting two wins this year on the FUTURES Tour and my current top-10 standing on the Money List.