She Said


Wow, what a rollercoaster of emotions this show was! Let me first start out by saying congrats to the boys who again worked us in the first Team Challenge—but not by playing their best. We were just slightly off in our execution of shots. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. We just lost, but no big deal, right? Yeah right. The Benching Challenge was straight up with no advantage. When Brian picked me, I was so excited to play. I knew I had a very good chance at some cold hard cash and those oh-so-precious MVP points that I was trying to rack up.

What wasn't shown to all of you out there watching was that Brian and I actually played that one hole four times, but you just got to see two. With that being said, we were battling it out for a while when all of a sudden he felt the green. Like I said on the show, I don’t know of anyone who touches dirt to clean their dirty hand. But he claimed the incident was not intentional and from what I have known, golf is a game of integrity and honesty. Just like when I called a penalty on myself at Sandals, I thought Brian should have done the same, because he straight up did something you should not do. Obviously that got to me a little bit, because I was upset and didn’t let it go like I should have. I played the next hole poorly, and ultimately got my second and final strike. It was 100% déjà vu to me. Just like at Sandals, I was now permanently benched right before the finale show. Needless to say, I was very upset with the whole situation, but I am a team player, and this is a team competition. I was going to be the best cheerleader going in to that next Benching Challenge.

When Lori walked up to her shots in the fairway, our whole team looked at one another and jokingly talked about how cool it would be for her to make one, because this was her favorite yardage. To our shock and awe, that 104-yard shot went right in the hole as if it were a putt from on the green. My immediate reaction was to start running out there to her, and that is exactly what we all did. Glossy Posse was now back in the game! With this Strike Eraser right before the final show, we all knew that one of the benched players was going to be back in it. When the whole team got together to decide who the Strike Eraser went to, it was ultimately Lori's decision. However, everyone has opinions and everyone on the team was on her side to choose me. I had been playing awesomely up until that last challenge, and all the girls (except one) felt that bringing me back was not only the best decision for us as a team but the only decision! So that is exactly what Lori did. She picked me, and I got my redemption: finally making it to the finale show and still having that shot to get my big break! As we all saw I was ecstatic and so were all of Glossy Posse except for Elena. I understand that emotions are high in situations like this and that she felt as though she was a better choice than I was, but ultimately, it was not just her choice. It was a team decision, and she was out-voted. Regardless of who was chosen, I only wanted what was best for the team. With that being said, do not miss the final episode of Big Break Dominican Republic to see if bringing me back was the right decision for Glossy Posse!

Thanks for all the Support :)