She Said


Wow, a second Big Break. How blessed am I? I got the phone call to be on the reunion show, and of course, I jumped at the opportunity. Big Break Sandals Resorts was an amazing experience that I thought ended too soon for me, and I was pretty heartbroken about it.  However, everything happens for a reason, and here I am in the Dominican Republic! :) 

Heading into this week’s show, I never imagined I would have to go to the hospital and go through all of that sickness that would lead to me having to sit out a day. Luckily for me, I have an amazing team, and they all stepped up and took out the boys. Needless to say, after hearing about their win, I was so ready to get back out there and perform.

So, I started out not hitting a great shot, but hey, I had to stick it. First shot out and, let's be serious, I didn’t. Ha ha ha! In that next team challenge, I loved that chip, because it reminded me of the shot I chipped in on Big Break Sandals Resorts. So guess what? That is exactly what I stood up there to do, and I almost did! It was great to win a point for my team and have our team win that challenge! Being picked to go into the Benching Challenge felt great. I was playing well that day, and the team saw it. And hey, $5,000 bucks wouldn’t be so bad to win, right?

I knew right away I was going to pick Dave, because he was the only one besides Andrew and Blake (who we couldn't pick) that had a strike, and the ultimate goal is to bench the other team by giving them two strikes. I was all about this challenge and felt great about the two holes we were going to play. I proved that perseverance and determination are key to golf. Being sick the day before and then coming out and performing and winning was awesome! It felt great to help my team win, to win five more MVP points for myself and $5,000! YAY! I came out, did what I had to do and now Captain Dave (AKA Captain Bench) will be cheering from the sidelines! It feels great to be back on the course and doing what I love. Keep watching us girls bench more of those guys. GLOSSY POSSE!