Playing with Paula and Life on the Road


First off I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful e-mails. They have been fun to read. I have had a few questions throughout the e-mails and thought I might answer a couple of the common questions.
One question I got a lot of last week was, What was it like playing with Paula Creamer?
I am just a rookie who has been out of the spotlight my whole life. I am not someone who people know. It is probably because I was never the best or the stand-out in looks or one of those things that make you a star. I remember one of the producers from the Big Break telling me I was the perfect girl next door. Now I would not go that far, but I do normally stay under the radar. So when I got paired with Paula I knew there would be a few more people watching our group than normal. I would say that I like more rather than less people in a gallery. I am a professional athlete and as I am sure you all have heard before, it sometimes makes us focus more or gets us more excited when there are people watching. So I was looking forward to the prospect of that.
I had met Paula a couple of times before in shuttle cars and just in passing but, of course, when it came down to it she didnt remember me. So I get to the first tee and she introduced herself; I did the same and on we were. Although it would make for a great story if she was not great to play with, she was. She was very gracious and complimentary.
The best part of the day was when we made the turn and our group was right behind Laura Davies' group. She is by far the most impressive woman I have ever seen hit the ball. Herbie (my husband) and Meghan (the girl Herbie caddies for) had played with Laura the first two days when she had shot a total of 12 under. Herbie told me how incredible it was to watch her and it sure was. One of the tees was backed up because it was a somewhat reachable par-4. I got to the tee just as Laura was about to hit. What she did next was awesome. She took a wedge and made a divot with it. She didnt use a tee; she used the back of the divot and put the ball on that. She then took out her driver and bombed the ball just left of the green but pin high. It was great to watch. I only hope one day to get paired with her and get to watch a whole round!
Another question I get often is, What is it actually like traveling for several weeks in a row?
There are many business men and women who travel for days or maybe a week at a time, but most of the time they make it home for a few days. I am in Morelia, Mexico this week and it is the first of seven weeks where I will not go home but for two hours, maybe to get my car. This is where I am very lucky to have Herbie, my husband, on the road with me. Not many husbands will put up with not seeing their wives for seven weeks in a row. But as far as everything else goes it is pretty easy once you get into a routine.
I am not fully sponsored so because of that I stay in host housing. For those of you who dont know what that is; people open their homes and have girls who dont want to stay in a hotel, for whatever reason, stay with them. I will say that it is a lifesaver. For at least a couple of weeks out of the long trek you feel like you are at home. It is nice because not only do you get to meet great people but also you have access to a kitchen and laundry. These are two things I took for granted before I started playing golf. I love to eat out, but everyday for seven weeks is a little much. I hate to do laundry, but I really hate to do laundry in a laundry mat. I dont know if you guys have ever spent a couple of hours in one but I will tell you I have been to some that I would never step foot in again. Just for example, in Syracuse, NY last year it was about 90 degrees and, of course, there was no air conditioning in the wonderful laundry mat. The dryers were blasting away and so were the mosquitoes all over my body. I determined that night that I just must be so sweet that all the bugs wanted my blood! This is something you dont have to worry about when you are staying in host housing.
Another thing that slips through people's minds is the fact that even though you are not home bills still come. Oh, yes, the wonderful bills. Lucky for me I have a mother- and father-in-law who get our mail, take care of our yard and love our dogs while we are gone. So we leave a check book and Linda, my mother-in-law, pays the bills and calls us to let us know the damage! There are just so many things that when you are gone for weeks at a time you forget about.
All the little troubles you have to go through when you are on the road for seven weeks (or even longer sometimes), would not make me love the game of golf any less.
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