Martin's Library Books


List of Martin's Library Books for Chapters 1-20
Chapter 1: Dead Solid Contact   
“Nice Swing – Just Can’t Hit It?” by Julian Myerscough

Chapter 2: 100 Yards & In   
“50 Years of Golfing Wisdom” by John Jacobs

Chapter 3: Bombing The Driver   
“The Physics of Golf” by Theodore P. Jorgensen

Chapter 4: Putt For Dough    
“Putting Out of Your Mind” by Dr. Bob Rotella

Chapter 5: Setup For Success    
“Advanced Golf” by Greg Norman

Chapter 6: Hybrids vs. Long Irons  
“Take a Tip from Me” by Jack Nicklaus

Chapter 7: Chipping It Close    
“Solid Contact” by Jim Hardy

Chapter 8: Becoming A Better Driver  
“My Game and Yours” by Arnold Palmer

Chapter 9: Grip It Like A Pro    
“Tiger Woods: How I Play Golf” by Tiger Woods

Chapter 10: Stick Your Approach   
“Solid Contact” by Jim Hardy

Chapter 11: Keys On The Green    
“The Unstoppable Golfer” by Dr. Bob Rotella

Chapter 12: Understanding the Pivot  
“The X-Factor Swing” by Jim McLean

Chapter 13: Hitting It Straighter   
“The Bertholy Method” by Paul Bertholy

Chapter 14: Pitching Pearls    
“Play Lower Handicap Golf” by Phil Rodgers

Chapter 15: Get Your Timing Right   
“The 50 Greatest Lessons of the Century” by John Jacobs

Chapter 16: Eliminating The Slice   
“Cure Your Slice Forever” by John Huggan

Chapter 17: Eliminating The Hook   
“The Hogan Way” by John Andrisani

Chapter 18: Short Game Secrets    
“Every Shot I Take” by Davis Love III

Chapter 19: Hitting It Pure    
“The Touch System for Better Golf” by Bob Toski

Chapter 20: Guide To Proper Practice   
“Talent is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin