Class Continues March 1, 2011


Q: I wobble all around in the swing. How can I get my balance back on track?

- Connor Evers

A: Keeping good balance during the swing is essential to consistent shot making. The slightest loss of balance creates all sorts of difficulties getting the club squarely on the back of the ball. There is an easy exercise to help your balance as you swing. Place your feet together and start swinging to and fro. If you have any balance issues you will start to wobble about. You can hit balls this way or take a few practice swings before each shot; it nearly always helps. Good luck.

Q: Thanks to you, I have improved my slice. When I drive the ball now, it travels in a straight line with good distance, but unfortunately now it usually lands twenty yards or more to the right of my intended target. This is frustrating, for I seem to have solved one problem and now I have another one to overcome. Could you help me with this?

- David R. (Green Valley, AZ)

A: You have obviously taken the curve/spin off the ball. I am assuming you are right-handed, so the shot you are dealing with is now a straight push. The first thing to try is to put the ball more forward in your stance, opposite the left heel. This should help immediately. If the ball still pushes to the right, try to feel the 'firing' of the right shoulder from the top of your swing through to the target. This should help; good luck.

Q: I am struggling with my hybrid clubs. I tend to hit a low penetrating hook, producing a shot that won't hold the green. How do I fix this?

- Bob Provost

A: Bob, low hooks that will not hold the green suggest a closed and de-lofted clubface at impact. I would suggest you start with your grip. At setup, try placing the palms on the side of the grip, as though you were going to clap hands with the club. The palms should feel vertical to the ground. This will probably feel like a 'weak' position compared to your norm, but should lead to a higher ball flight and one that doesn't hook.

Q: What is the right way to 'warm up' for a round of golf? Is it necessary to hit the driving range or practice chipping/on the putting green first? Are there stretches I should do? Thank you.

- Jon L. (Yuma, AZ)

A: There seem to be many different ways good players do this. Some putt first, hit the driver last. Some stretch first, start with short irons, hit mid irons, then some drivers, then putt. Make note though, I don't know of many good players who start with the driver first, so don't do that. If you only have limited time, I would suggest some gentle stretches and some chips and putts, and if you have time, some mid-irons. You will almost always start your round better if you have a pre-round warm up. Good luck.