Class Continues Oct 18, 2011


Q: Love the show! You have shown us how different the setup position is from the impact position.  So why is it a cardinal sin to adjust our setup position closer to the impact position, like preloading the hips to the left, open shoulders, forward wrist press, etc.?

A: A very understandable question, but there is one main reason I like players to set up 'neutral' then get to that dynamic impact. When I see players set up with their hands ahead of the ball it almost always leads to an overly flat, inside takeaway, usually followed by an over-the-top, out-to-in downswing. I prefer an upward extension of the club to point at the belt buckle at address and then on the downswing as the weight shifts and the body unwinds the club should point at about the left hip at impact. I also think having the hips and shoulders open at address would play havoc with your alignment, don't do that!!!

Q: I live in Ohio where the weather is not conducive for year-round golf.  What do you suggest I do during the cold winter months so when spring hits, I'm not rusty?  Do you have any drills that could be done inside to keep my game fresh?

Melissa George (New Knoxville, Ohio)

A: Obviously one thing you must do in the winter to keep improving your game is watch 'School of Golf'. Seriously though, spend some time working on your grip, setup and posture using a mirror. Get a really good instructional book, study the chapter on grip and get it right before the spring. My suggestion would be Nick Faldo’s 'A Swing for Life'. Do some drills on just body pivot, no club, perhaps checking your swing plane in a mirror. And most definitely do some stretching exercises, it will help your game. Good luck.

Q: I fought a big slice for a long time and finally worked it out by learning to swing in-to-out and then developed a slight draw but not consistent. Now many shots end up 10-30 yards left of target after starting out straight or slightly right. Any suggestions how to straighten it out?


A: Yes, that can be straightened out, try putting your hands a little further ahead at address, put the ball back in your stance slightly and get more weight to your front foot at impact. Each of these thoughts should help you swing in-to-out, hit slightly on the inside of the ball and start the ball to the right then have it draw onto target. Hope it helps you.

Q: I have a really good swing and my natural shot is a fade but I want to be able to control a draw shot off the tee. Any drills for this?

Caleb (Jacksonville, FL)

A: If you have a natural fade that is predictable and repetitive I would not mess with it too much. On the occasion that you need to hit a draw, aim to the right, swing to where you have aimed and turn your right palm to the ground either at or just after impact. It's not so far off the feel of a top spin tennis forehand shot. On the range as a drill, try pulling your right foot back so your stance becomes closed, this encourages a draw shot. Good luck, but don't lose that fade.