Class Continues Oct 4, 2011


Q: Love the show. My problem is not distance with the driver, it's accuracy. Please help.Billy (Walls, MS)A: All the ingredients that give you speed also probably make it more difficult to hit it straight. A good wrist cock and right elbow bend on the backswing are great for distance but difficult for control. To increase the chances of getting the ball online, have less wrist cock back and through, have less elbow fold right going back, left going through and slow down the speed back and through. Make the motion a reduced pace and you will hit more fairways and greens. It won't go as far but you will finish the round with the ball you started with a lot more often. Good luck.Q: Martin, love the show. I am a wheelchair user. I use a special cart at my local course where the seat swivels and raises so that I can hit while sitting down. I am very inconsistent (fats and thins) with my 4- and 5-irons, and even more so with my hybrids. The inability to hit a solid second shot is killing my scores. Could this be in part because I use all upper body and don’t have the lower body moves like the walkers do? Help! Brad H. (Port St. Lucie, FL)A: Two things to consider: First, have the lie angles of your 4- and 5-irons checked.  It is possible that because you are sitting, they may be too upright for your setup and then the heel digs in causing a heavy shot. Secondly, I suggest you play the ball further back in your setup since you will not be able to shift your weight to get the hands ahead at impact. I hope these two suggestions make a difference.Q: My daughter is playing U.S. Kids Golf and loving it! Her swing has begun to become more upright in a 'V' shape versus a “U” shape, and she is using her wrists now a lot. How do I encourage her to get back to a 'U' shaped swing and eliminate the wrists?Scott H. for Hannah A: Too upright and too “wristy” makes hitting long, straight shots very difficult. I would suggest that Hannah takes a lot of practice swings in a horizontal plane, as if the ball were on a 'T-ball stand'; some people call this a baseball swing, but I don't see it that way since in golf the plane of the backswing and the plane of the follow-through are the same, or very similar, but in baseball not so. If you can find somewhere for her to hit balls off a side-hill lie with the ball above her feet, that would be a great help. This should also help add distance.Q: Do you have any suggestions on how I can properly line up my shots? I have tried the pick-out-a-spot, club-across-the-knees, chest, etc.  None of these tips seem to work for me. Help!!Jane P. S. (Facebook)A: The thought that seems to work the best across the spectrum of players that I teach is to aim your club face to your target first, then take your body alignment from the face of the club by trying to get your body lines at 90-degrees to the leading edge of the club. Over the years I've used many ways to try and help players aim correctly and this is the most reliable. Good luck.