Martin's Blog - Chapter 14: Pitching Pearls


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Cliff Notes
-The highest priority when pitching is solid contact, closely followed by distance control. The key is hitting the ball and ground at exactly the same time. A magic phrase to remember to create consistent, solid contact is 'nothing independent'.

-There are two critical keys to pitching. First, the hands lift and lower the club. Second, the body is responsible for moving the club side-to-side. There is no explosive dynamic body action. Another thing to remember when pitching is always take your practice swings next to the ball, not behind it.

-For a front pin, higher handicap players should aim left, open the club face and swing on their body line. Lower handicap players want to weaken the grip, put their weight 50-50, aim left, swing a little more upright and finish by laying their right ear on a pillow.

-For a back pin, higher handicap players should put the ball back in their stance, aim straight and have the lead wrist slightly bowed at impact. Lower handicap players should strengthen the grip, aim a bit right, slightly flatten the arc back and through and finish with a high right shoulder with very little divot.

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'Play Lower Handicap Golf' by Phil Rodgers

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