Martin's Blog - Chapter 10: Stick Your Approach


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Cliff Notes
Jim Hardy, 2007 PGA National Teacher of the Year, has developed a plus-minus system for your golf swing. If you come over-the-top you need to add negatives to your golf swing, adversely if you have a flat baseball swing you need to add positives to your golf swing. To learn more about this system, read Hardy's new book and latest addition to Martin's Library, Solid Contact

-A simple way to hit a big hook like Bubba Watson is hit the outside of the ball and finish with the trail shoulder high and the trail arm low.

-If you want your ball to go straight, which most of us do, when you finish your backswing it should appear your left arm is 45 degrees to your target line and on your follow-through your right arm should again be 45 degrees to your target line.

Martin’s Library
“Solid Contact' by Jim Hardy

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