10th Anniversary of Payne Stewarts Death


They say that time heals all wounds.

Tracey Stewart will tell you otherwise.

It has been nearly 10 years since her husband died. The circumstances were tragic, and the pain was immediate, but the mourning, well, that had to wait. You see, Tracey Stewart still had two children to raise, leaving little time for selfish thought. After all, she was doing the work of two parents.

How do you measure a man’s legacy? In the case of Payne Stewart, we went to his home state of Missouri to find out. We found the Payne Stewart Golf Club in Branson, Missouri, nestled into the hillsides of the beautiful Ozarks. It is a monument to his golfing life. We found the First Tee program at the Kids Across America camp, which teaches kids from every walk of life across the country the joy of the game of golf. The camp is a measure of his big heart and generosity.

But the best measure may be those children that Tracey Stewart painstakingly nurtured through a trying decade. Daughter Chelsea is now working for the First Tee of Atlanta. Son Aaron is following in his father’s footsteps as a golfer at Payne’s alma mater, Southern Methodist University.

One look at Aaron shows the resemblance to his father in both looks and mannerisms. As everyone in this story said, the apple did not fall far from the tree in this case. Many will see Aaron as the embodiment of Payne’s spirit. While it is not fair to him to assume that he will win three major champions or achieve the same things as his dad, you can see the pride of his family, knowing that the piece of the father lives on in his children.

Time has been very good to the legacy of William Payne Stewart. Even if some of the wounds are still fresh.

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