Battle at the Bridges - Hole-By-Hole


FACTS & STATS: Par 71. Yardage: 6,916. Purse: $1,700,000. First Place: $600,000 (each). Runner-up: $250,000 (each).
MATCH RESULTS: Mickelson/Goosen def. Woods/Daly, 5 & 3 (Full Report).
1st Hole - Par-five 522 yards
Woods lagged an eagle putt within inches of the cup and was conceded the birdie. Mickelson two-putted from about 40 feet for birdie to halve the hole.
2nd Hole - Par-three 182 yards
After Daly missed the green, Woods stuck his tee shot seven feet from the cup. Goosen also missed the green, then Mickelson knocked his tee ball to the left fringe. He missed his lengthy birdie putt before Woods drained his birdie try to win the hole.
3rd Hole - Par-four 405 yards
Daly missed a long birdie try, but was given his par putt to halve the hole with Mickelson. Lefty missed a 14-foot birdie try to the low side and was also given his par putt.
4th Hole - Par-three 195 yards
Mickelson drained an eight-foot birdie putt to win the hole. Daly splashed a poor tee shot into a greenside pond, then Woods flew his 35 feet over the pin. Mickelson knocked his to eight feet, then Goosen nearly holed his tee shot. It landed within inches of the hole and came to rest six feet away.
5th Hole - Par-four 466 yards
Goosen missed his 12-foot birdie putt but was given his par. Mickelson was out of the hole after flying the green with his second shot. Woods missed the green right, then missed a par try putt left of the hole. Daly's second shot bounced over the back, he pitched to eight feet but also missed his par putt giving Mickelson and Goosen the hole and their first lead.
6th Hole - Par-four 335 yards
Mickelson pulled his drive well left in the water before Goosen bombed his drive within 20 yards of the putting surface. Woods crushed his within 10 feet of the greens edge. Goosen's eagle chip lipped out, but he sank his five-foot birdie putt. Woods' chip came to rest next to Goosen mark. Woods also made his birdie putt to halve the hole.
7th Hole - Par-five 553 yards
Daly and Mickelson both got up and down for birdie to halve the hole. Goosen and Woods both missed their birdie tries from outside 10 feet.
8th Hole - Par-three 217 yards
Mickelson and Woods putted their birdie tries within three feet of the cup and were conceded their pars to halve the hole.
9th Hole - Par-five 571 yards
Daly and Mickelson were conceded short birdie putts. Mickelson's second came up short left in a bunker, but he blasted within two feet of the cup. Daly's four-iron second shot landed 20 feet past the cup and his eagle try came up just short of the cup, but he was given the birdie.
10th Hole - Par-four 395 yards
Goosen drained a 13-foot birdie putt to give he and Mickelson a 2-up lead. Daly missed a 12-foot birdie try after his pitch shot caromed off the pin and away from the cup. Woods had a chance to halve the hole, but missed a birdie try from within five feet.
11th Hole - Par-three 167 yards
Goosen sank a birdie putt from about 12 feet out to win the hole and go 3-up. Woods once again had a chance to halve the hole, but his 10-foot birdie try lipped out.
12th Hole - Par-four 426 yards
Woods spun his second past the cup and it stop 10 feet away. He rolled in that birdie putt to win the hole after Goosen missed his birdie try.
13th Hole - Par-four 379 yards
Mickelson stuffed his second shot within a foot of the cup and was conceded the birdie. Woods' second came to rest on the back of the green some 35 feet from the cup. His birdie putt just slid by the left edge giving Goosen and Mickelson a 3-up lead.
14th Hole - Par-four 449 yards
Goosen rolled in another birdie putt to win the hole and take a 4-up lead with four holes to go. Daly missed the green short, but nearly chipped in for birdie. He was given his tap in par. Woods missed his 20-foot birdie putt setting up Goosen for the win.
15th Hole - Par-four 411 yards
Goosen sank his fourth birdie in the last six holes to win the match. Woods missed the green short and tried the chip in, but missed it ran past the cup. Daly nearly sank a 30-footer for birdie, but it slid by the right edge giving Goosen and Mickelson the win.
NOTES: The format for play is best-ball, match play. Each golfer will play his own ball and the best score of the two will count for the team. This is the final season for this tournament.