Burglary Suspects Caught at Chrysler


2006 Chrysler ChampionshipPALM HARBOR, Fla. -- Two juvenile burglary suspects led police on a chase through the woods and part of the Copperhead course Friday during the Chrysler Championship.
One of the suspects was caught, and authorities were searching for the other.
'Never had a manhunt out here,' Brian Gay said after a 71 left him one shot out of the lead.
Gay was tied when he approached the third tee, then backed off his shot when he heard the commotion.
'The cops were racing up in a cart, running through the bushes and holding their gun,' Gay said. 'We had to get out of the way. There were cops coming down the street. The chopper was overhead, and one of the cops said they (the suspects) were armed.'
Danny Coulson, a security consultant for the PGA Tour, said the juvenile suspects in the robbery of a home near Innisbrook came onto the Copperhead course and tried to blend in with the gallery. They were discovered without tournament badges, however, and dashed into the woods and onto other courses at the Innisbrook resort.
'One of the individuals was captured almost immediately,' Coulson said. 'The other one went to ground. We went into the woods looking for him. We first found his hat, searched for quite a bit of time.'
Coulson said one officer flushed the suspect out of the woods and unleashed a police dog. Despite being bitten three times, the suspect fled to another golf course as more officers joined the pursuit.
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