Canadian Tour Revises Rules on Amateur Status


The Royal Canadian Golf Association modified its position on amateur golfers turning professional Friday when it revealed its revised Rules of Amateur Status.
The RCGA followed the lead of the United States Golf Association as it will now allow golfers to attempt to qualify for the professional tour without jeopardizing their amateur status.
The USGA adopted this policy in the fall of 2001.
'The new exception to Rule 2, Professionalism, will now allow many top amateur golfers to find out if their golfing ability is at a professional level,' said Jim Fraser, RCGA Managing Director, Rules & Player Development.
'Many amateur golfers dream of turning pro but face a rude awakening when they find out that they are not able to qualify. Instead of penalizing the player by not allowing him to play amateur golf, the new rule will allow the player to compete as an amateur until he is ready to again try the qualifying process. There is no limit on how many times a player can attempt to qualify.'