USGA Amends Its Stance on Clubhead Size


USGAThe United States Golf Association amended its position from a Dec. 19, 2001, proposal on restricting clubhead size for the first time. The new USGA proposal sets the maximum size for clubheads at 460 cubic centimeters (cc), plus an additional 10 cc for differences in manufacturing processes and measurement variations.
'I'd like to stress that our initial proposal was just that, a proposal,' said Dick Rugge, the USGA's senior technical director.
'We indicated that we were open-minded about these issues and would listen to all viewpoints. We have done so in the past few weeks. It became apparent that our original proposed maximum (385cc) would place undue effect on the golf club industry and market during the period just before the PGA Merchandise Show later this month. We believe that our revised proposal mitigates such an effect.'
The USGA will receive feedback on its newest proposal until Feb. 19, 2002. After that date, the USGA will adopt a formal policy and the size restrictions will be in effect immediately after that final proposal.
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