Stacey Bieber Player Blog


The game of golf is a lifelong journey, and I consider my experience on Big Break to be one of the most rewarding stops along the way.

Looking back to the audition process in the fall, I remember not having a clue what the producers were looking for in a potential contestant, and based on the number of girls I saw trying out, I assumed that it was probably best to not get my hopes up. Three months later, I received the exciting news of acceptance, as well as a 20-page contract swearing me to secrecy. Now, let me tell you, keeping this kind of a secret was quite challenging, especially when other family members, friends and tour players would repeatedly ask if I heard back from Golf Channel. By the end of January, after months of anticipation and a few white lies, I was off to the Bahamas to shoot Big Break Sandals Resorts.  

Although Big Break may not exactly emulate a traditional round of golf, it does capture the essence of tournament play with the end result often coming down to one or two critical shots. On Big Break, every challenge was like that, and the outcome either allowed you to be safe or sent you home packing. As a result, there was definitely an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and nervousness that was shared by all during the challenges. I still remember the exact sensation I felt when I hit my first shot out there in front of all the cameras. My hands were shaking, my arms felt heavy and my heart was racing much more than I had ever experienced in any single tournament before. What made that moment so memorable was hitting a great shot on top of all those nerves. From that point on, I embraced that same feeling of pressure knowing that I had already conquered it once.  

Up until the fourth episode when I was eliminated, I was quite happy with my overall mindset, results in the challenges and what I learned. I made a number of great approach and short game shots, in addition to hitting a drive where I needed to when I needed to. Unfortunately for me, I made one too many mistakes during that fourth episode of the show.

Golf truly is a game of imperfection—a game of mistakes rather—with the person finishing on top being the one making the fewest. Even though my time on the show was shorter than I had hoped, I remain grateful for my opportunity to be a part of the show and look forward to more opportunities in the near future that will additionally help further my golf career. I had an absolute blast being a competitor amidst a group of awesome girls living in a beautiful mansion on Great Exuma Island all while getting to meet Greg Norman and play his course, Sandals Emerald Reef Golf Club. Thank you Greg Norman, Golf Channel and crew, Sandals Resorts and girls for helping to create this awesome memory for me.