Can Moore Win the Masters


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John asks: After seeing your interview with UNLV senior Ryan Moore, do you believe he can win The Masters?
Never say never, but it would be hard to imagine Ryan Moore donning the green jacket come Sunday evening. This is no knock on Moore, but I have to be realistic on this one. I do think he will play well, make the cut, and finish in the top 16 and earn a return trip to Augusta in 2006. Ryan is the rare player who has such a confidence in his ability, and has the game to back it up. After playing a practice round with Phil Mickelson on Tuesday, Phil told the media he fully expects Ryan to have one of the better finishes by a college player in recent memory. It was just last year when Casey Wittenberg, who was just a freshman at Oklahoma State finished in a tie for 13th. Ryan will tee it up Thursday with Mickelson and Stuart Appleby.
Mary asks: The Duke women won this past weekend in Greensboro with just four players in their lineup. How disconcerting is it for the other teams to get beat by a squad which is shorthanded?
I dont think you can ever be upset when losing to the No. 1 team in the country. That being said, when you face a group who must count every stroke, and not have the luxury of a throw-out score, I can see where teams might wonder what they have to do to overtake the Blue Devils. Keep in mind, Duke has two of the best five players in the country in Liz Janangelo and Brittany Lang. While both players finished in the top 5 at Wake Forests event, Duke is now starting to get solid production from freshman Jennifer Pandolfi. Duke is No. 1 for a reason, and will continue to contend whether they have four or five players in the lineup each and every week.
Jeff and Theresa ask: My daughter is in ninth grade in Ontario, Canada, and has been playing the game for four years. She has dreams of playing college golf in the U.S. How can we get her name out to the coaches around America?
We get several questions a week regarding this topic, and I am more than happy to share the information again. Get your daughter involved in as many big-time events as you possibly can. The more she is able to play in the States, the better off she will be. The AJGA is my first suggestion, as they have sent dozens of junior golfers to top-notch colleges around the nation. USGA events would be the next step, i.e. the U.S. Juinor Amateur and U.S. Amateur championships. is a fantastic website to familiarize yourself with the process and contacts for all schools in the United States. Hope this helps.
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