The Future is Bright for College Golf


While many of the top female golfers from the junior ranks are bypassing college all together, or spending just a year or two at their respective universities, it was refreshing to run into a young lady this past weekend who is looking forward to a four-year stint in Las Vegas.
It took all of about two swings for me to realize Da Sol Chung, a freshman at UNLV, is one talented player. Diminutive in stature, the 5'3' Chung lets her game speak for itself. Her first round at UNLVs home fall event was a ho-hum 67, consisting of five birdies and 13 pars. The end result was a top-5 finish, a routine result for someone I believe will capture many collegiate titles.
When asking the Rebel coaching staff, they had nothing but great things to say about Chung, and did so with smiles from ear to ear. The great thing about Da Sol is she wants to fully experience the college life, and spend all four years as a student-athlete.
While no one is certain of what the future holds, Chung has no immediate plans to play professional golf. Rather she is hoping to be a successful business woman after her college days are over. Keep in mind, that could all change in the years to come, but it is truly refreshing to hear the 19-year-old Korean say she fully intends to honor her commitment to UNLV.
As Paula Creamer and Michelle Wie have jumped to the play-for-pay ranks, I hope -- really hope -- there are many more Da Sol Chungs coming up from the junior ranks. If there are, the future for college golf will remain bright for many years to come.
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