Is It Too Late to Start Playing


Editors Note: Each week Steve will answer your email questions during College Central and here in his weekly column.
Kyle asks: Can you still try out for your golf team if you are heading into your sophomore year of school?
Your main goal with regard to walking onto your college golf team is to contact the coach and find out how and when he holds tryouts. There is no set way this occurs, which makes it priority No. 1 to sit down and let him know who you are and what your expectations are. As far as what year you are academically, there should be no reason you cant try out just because you are going into your second year.
Anthony asks: I am a 15-year-old from Pennsylvania who is just getting into the game of golf. While there is still plenty of work ahead of me, is it too late to think I might have a future in the game?
Its never too late to play the game, and its something you can do for your entire life. First things first...If you are truly committed to trying to play, inquire at your high school about the prospects of playing for the team. Its as good as any place to start, and it will allow you to see the game from a different perspective -- the competitive one. Maybe a trip to your local pro will give you a better idea of just how close or far you might be from realistically chasing a dream. I wont tell anyone that its too late, but you definitely have some catching up to do to even consider playing at any level in school.
Dan asks: I saw on College Central the U.S. Palmer Cup selections for this year, and noticed Ryan Moore was not on the team. What gives?
After playing in the Palmer Cup the last two years, Ryan was once again offered a spot on the 2005 team, but declined the invitation. The U.S. Open is the following week, and I suspect Ryan will have his focus on the event at Pinehurst. It would be great to have the best amateur in the world wearing the red, white and blue, but it is not to be the U.S. squad.
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