The Madness is Here


If you are a college basketball fan, the coming weeks are exactly what the doctor ordered.
March Madness kicks off in earnest on Thursday, and you can watch all the hoops you want. This is also a time to show your school spirit, as everyone thinks their team is the one to beat. After talking with some players and coaches in Las Vegas last week, many wish there were more events like this in the college golf world.
Every November the Collegiate Match Play Championships are held with the top 16 finishers from Nationals filling the brackets. The event has proved to be a success, with many of the nations best teams usually making it to the event. But what if we could put together a bracket of 64 teams and have them go at it until there was just one standing?
Its not the format we see throughout the season, so it might be difficult in that regard, said Florida Head Mens golf coach Buddy Alexander. But the prospects would be fun, and there is some discussion about perhaps changing how some tournaments are played out in the future.
Alexanders sentiments are shared by many. There have been rumblings of the National Championships being adjusted, so there would be a Final Four to determine a winner.
While head to head match play could lend itself to more exciting golf, there are so many variables which stand in the way. Arizona Head Coach Rick LaRose, who has been guiding for the Wildcats for 32 years, has told me on many occasions he would be a big supporter of altering the way the Championships are held.
Only time will tell if college golf will go the way of basketball. But from my perspective, the intrigue and excitement it could create would definitely make me sit down and try to find a way to make it happen.
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