Overcoming First Tee Jitters


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A.R. asks: Why dont we hear as much on Miamis Tina Miller as we do on some of the other top womens players in the country?
Tina has had a very solid career in South Florida as she has won six times during her time at Miami. While we try to keep an eye on everyone, it is unfortunate we cant mention every time a player wins. In comparison to the nations best, Tina in my opinion cant be put among the top players, simply for the fact of the strength of schedule she plays. But bottom line, she is among the top players in the Big East, and should earn some consideration for post season honors.
Charles asks: My son is a senior in high school and interested in playing DI golf. While his grades and SAT scores are good, his game might be a little weak for making a lineup on a top team. Where can I find out more about programs which might be a little more the speed of my son?
The key to a successful student-athlete is the work in the classroom and it appears your son has taken care of that aspect. It is good you know the top programs might be a reach for your son with respect to his golf game. Now to find the schools that may be a good fit for him. Collegegolf.com is the best website to learn more about all schools, with relation to academics and golf. This site gives you everything you need to know, including how best to get schools to notice you. All the best in your search.
Bryan asks: I am a 14 year old from Maine, and have played in regional and statewide events for 4 years. I am a 4 handicap who looks to play a more national schedule in the future. I do tend get first tee jitters in big events, and wonder how I can get over this?
First of all Bryan, you seem to be going about things the right way. Playing to a 4 handicap at age 14 is a solid start, and the jump to the national scene is the best way to your game to the next level. As for getting over the jitters, the best thing I can say is keep on playing. There will be a time and point when those fears disappear. Stay focused on the big picture, as you can only control your game. Dont waste your time worrying about how big a tournament you are playing in is, or the big names in the field. The more often you put yourself in this position, the more comfortable you will become with it. Hope this helps.
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