Whats Wrong with Clemson


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Bill asks: What has happened to the Clemson Tigers? They are just two years removed from winning a National Title, and now cant seem to get it going. What gives?
Year in and year out, Head Coach Larry Penley always seemed to have his team right in the mix of things in almost every event they played. This season things have changed. While the Tigers do have a few players who can really play, I lock into the thought of not one of them stepping up and becoming the leader we have seen from Tiger teams in the past.
Charles Warren, Jonathan Byrd and D.J. Trahan were the type of players Penley could rely on to challenge for individual titles while helping the team have success as well. Jack Ferguson was likely to be that kind of player this year, but to date, we have not seen that from him or any of the other Tigers.
Jack asks: Will irons with a pronounced offset promote hooking the golf ball? i.e. Tommy Armour 845u Silverback Irons.
Offset irons will help someone who slices the golf ball slice it less, and those players who hook the golf ball, hook it a little more. So heres to finding fairways and greens.
Nancy asks: I am a member on the high school girls team and was wondering how far the college girls hit the golf ball?
At any level of golf, there is disparity between the shortest and longest hitting golfers in the game. While there are some women in the college game who are capable of hitting it 260-270 yards off the tee, I would say the average is in the 240-yard range. There is also a range of how long the courses are for the women. I would say the layouts the women play fall between 5,800-6,300 yards with the top programs usually playing the longer courses.
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