Golf as Therapy for our Wounded Warriors


I have worked nineteen years as a sportscaster, and I've never been so moved doing a story. Spending a couple of days with a few of our wounded warriors and the people who help them once they return from duty was inspirational. For anyone who loves golf, you'll love the game more knowing that it plays a part in the recovery process of some of our military heroes.

Hearing a few of the stories from their days in combat was mind numbing. Learning what they go through on a daily basis to defend our freedom was something I'll never forget. It's impossible to thank these young men and women and yet they don't ask for anything in return. They truly are the most honorable people you'll ever meet.

I never had a connection with the military, except for what I've read or watched on television. I'm grateful for the opportunity to spend even a few hours with some of our troops. They enlightened me on a number of things that are so incredible that you almost can't believe the stories. But they're all true!

The people at the National Amputee Golf Association are equally as amazing. Their goal is to help preserve the rights of amputees, ensuring they continue to enjoy the game. Helping our wounded warriors has become a passion. Golf is a game that can be played for a lifetime, and some incredible people are doing some incredible things to help our returning wounded heroes. As our soldiers return to life back home, they are getting involved in the game that will somehow help in their healing process.

I hope you enjoyed the episode of Golf in America which included our story Golf as Therapy. As you watched, perhaps you were moved as much as I was.

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