Harbour Town Happenings


Hello from Hilton Head. What a beautiful place!
Every golf fan knows the lighthouse just off the 18th green at Harbour Town, but there are plenty of other picturesque views from the course. When you stand on the par-3 17th tee box looking towards the green, Calibogue Sound is in the background. And not just the water. Sailboats, yachts and speedboats all cruise by. Its quite a site. Some of the houses that line the golf course are gorgeous too. Condos, townhouses and some quite large homes line the course on both nines. If youre one of the lucky few, your home sits between the fairway and the beach.
As for some tournament nuggets to munch on:
-Look for Davis Love III to do well. Hes the only 4-time winner of this event. Davis missed the cut last week at The Masters and told us Wednesday that hes never been more upset with himself after a tournament. He also said he is ready to get back to playing the kind of golf he enjoyed during the West Coast Swing earlier this year -including a win at Pebble Beach.
-If you haven't heard yet, Nick Faldo has a familiar partner this week. Fanny Sonnesson is back on Nicks bag. Its not, however, a permanent change. Fanny is Notay Begays regular caddy but Notahs bad back is preventing him from playing for the next five weeks. She called Nick and asked him if she could carry his bag for the next two weeks and Nick said 'sure, why not.' The two have remained friends since parting ways a few years ago and remember, she was Nicks caddy when he won six major championships. The bet here is that if Nick plays well the next two weeks, the change may not be so temporary after all.
-Harbour Town Golf Links looks like a new course. Well not really, but the players sure have noticed the differences from a year ago. The greens were re-surfaced and some trees have been knocked down. The players say the greens are rolling great. Tom Watson, who has won twice here, said knocking down some of the trees was a must because the course gets so much play all year that it needed the extra sunlight. He too liked the changes.

-Speaking of Tom Watson, whats he doing here!?! The Senior Tour is staging its first major of the year and here Tom is in Hilton Head. Tom told us today that he has nothing against The Tradition out in Arizona but he just loves playing this golf course. Tom almost won the Tradition laste year, losing to another Tom - Kite - in a playoff, so it seems kind of strange that hes here, but when youve won eight major titles, youre always welcome!
So were all set for The Golf Channel's early round coverage Thursday. The field is good and the weather is great. Please make time to join our team beginning at 3:30pm Eastern. And don't miss Golf Central at 7:30pm - well be here all week with complete re-caps of all the days news. See you then!