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Steve Whidden Width 304

SwingFix instructor Steve Whidden gives you drills to stop casting in your golf swing, which will allow you to hit more consistent shots on the course. Read More

Steve Whidden Swing Analysis

When it comes to your setup, angles are important, and in this swing analysis SwingFix pro Steve Whidden will explain the importance in greater detail. Read More

BBA Golf Swing 304

SwingFix instructor Steve Whidden wants you to focus on hitting the ball more solidly, which starts by utilizing your arms and hands correctly. Read More

Wedge Play 304

Most golfers crave more distance, but SwingFix instructor Steve Whidden says they need to be adding wedges and working hard on that aspect of the game. Read More

Tiger Woods Tilt 304

SwingFix instructor Steve Whidden has a great tip to help you figure out your power efficiency, which will make you a better driver of the golf ball. Read More

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