Suzanne Haneys Blog


I hope everyone has enjoyed the show so far! This has been such a blast to film and get to be around Rush and watch Hank try and work his magic.  In Hawaii, Rush was so relaxed with his game and he seemed to really enjoy just being on vacation. Kukio was such a wonderful place to golf and perfect for water sports. We loved doing a few things off the course and the paddle boarding was a blast. 


When Rush came to Dallas to work with Hank at the Golf Ranch, he seemed nervous to tell Hank he had not picked up a club since Hawaii - - 3 weeks ago.  I would be nervous too, as Hank really wants his students to take this seriously and get out there a few times a week minimum, to work on their game. At least when the crew dropped in on a photo shoot, I got some putting practice in that day.  I was a little nervous having everyone see the behind-the-scenes of an editorial photo shoot.  But everything turned out great and it was so much fun to share with everyone.   


Golf is definitely a game where you work on repetition to improve and that takes practice. Hank is very passionate about his teaching and really wants to improve Rush and me, but he can only do so if we put in the time to improve ourselves. I know as a beginner golfer, if I do not practice regularly, I am a mess out on the course! Ha! The past few weeks I have been in Cabo at El Dorado, another Discovery property, working on my golf.  I am really trying to improve and get to a level where I can play well and enjoy some competition. 


Thanks for watching the show and talk to you soon! 


Suzanne Haney