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-You must maximize speed at the moment of impact to hit the ball longer.  You need to maintain your patience with gradual acceleration.  Start slow in the backswing then speed up at the end and your body sequencing will also fall in place.

-Your club face and swing path have to oppose each other.  If the club face is open then your swing path needs to be moving left.  This will allow you to properly shape your ball from left to right.  This is crucial when dealing with wind.

-The arc of your swing affects trajectory.  Get your stance wider to help get the ball trajectory up and create a big wide arc & turn.  Also add a slight tilt with your spine.  This is very helpful when you’re on a downhill lie to get the ball up high in the air.

-In dense, firm sand you need to use a higher lofted club with lower bounce.

-You lose distance and accuracy if you miss the center of your putter face.  A drill you could do to check if you’re hitting the ball with the center of the face is to put baby powder on the golf ball and when you putt the powder will come off on your putter for you to see where the contact is on your face.

-Tempo affects putting distance and should never change no matter how long the putt. 

-Hit a hybrid like an iron.  Play it a little more back in your stance and think about taking a divot.

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