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Breed's Reads
-To avoid hitting fat chips, use a swimming pool noodle. put the noodle behind the ball and practice hitting the chips without hitting the noodle.

-To improve your putting accuracy, put an alignment rod inline the the hole and the ball. Practice hitting putts into the tip of the alignment rod end closest to you. Now remove the alignment rod and continue putting it straight.

-To ensure a proper ball position when putting, use the ball drop drill. Setup to the ball, hold another ball at your eyes and drop it. The ball should fall right on or just on the inside of the ball on the ground.

Viewer Question (Facebook Exclusive)
Q: How do you teach a proper release of the golf club without flipping it through impact? (Brian Terry)

A: Put a towel in your armpit and hit balls keeping the towel locked in through the follow-through. That will teach your forearm to rotate properly allowing the club to release correctly.

Next Week’s Show - June 4, 2012
-Michael Breed will breakdown the winner of the Memorial Tournament and teach what you can learn
-Michael will answer viewer questions and give SwingFix breakdowns
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