The $100000 Question


Big Break Dominican Republic is finished and The Ladies Team is the “Battle of the Sexes” Champion and Blair O’Neal is your MVP! A few months ago, I said this was going to be the best series we’ve ever produced, and I hope you all believe this Big Break lived up to my hype. As producers, you dream for this type of television, and you hope that good golf decides who wins. And that’s what we had.


A Producer’s Opinion:

-I’m not saying that this decision lost it for the men, but A-Rod should have played that first hole (5th Hole—Football loses to Blair). A-Rod had just stuck his shot to 4’8”, had rescued Football on a previous show during a Benching Challenge against Sara and Elena on that same hole, and (off camera) had birdied it during his practice round. Anthony (after our interview that night) said he definitely regretted sitting-out that first batch of matches.

-Genuine reactions: Christina makes a three-foot putt and uncontrollably cries her eyes out. A-Rod receives an exemption into the 2011 Justin Timberlake tournament and absolutely loses it. Blair wins $50,000 and an exemption into the 2011 Kia Classic on the LPGA Tour (this will be Blair’s first start at an LGPA tournament), and she cries. These are the reasons why I love producing this show. I get to make peoples’ dreams come true.

-Blake Moore: My heart went out to him when he lost the match against Christina. Blake is a good player and a good guy. His Big Break Disney Golf persona (throwing clubs & swearing uncontrollably) is well behind him, and I hope he can leave with his head held high.



-It was a closely contested and fun series to put together. Just when we thought the boys were going to run away with it early on, the ladies turned it around. And just when the ladies took control, the men came roaring back. However, in the end, you can’t argue with birdies, and birdies win tournaments. That’s what the ladies brought! Congratulations to Brenda, Elena, Sara, Christina, Lori and Blair! And a special thanks to David, Brian, Football, Blake, Andrew and Anthony.

-Since my start on this show six years ago, I’ve wanted to do a battle of the sexes series. I just hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed producing it!

-I’d like to end this last entry by thanking a few people: my editor, Pat Devlin—without his unflinching work ethic and story-telling ability, I would never be able to call this series a work of art. Chris Graham, Constantin Preda (my co-producers)—the successes I celebrate, I celebrate with them! To Jay Kossoff and Paul Schlegel—two creative bosses that make this show the success it’s been for 14 seasons. And finally to my wife, Lauren, who understood that long hours and 14-hour days pay off.


Thank you for tuning in, and see you next year for an exciting new series. Another one for the ages! 

All the best,